Talking In The Right Language

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The recent passing of world ambassador Nelson Mandela called to mind one of my favorite quotes from this legendary leader. It goes like this:

“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.”

This powerful quote puts into focus the mission that communicators worldwide – those at B Communications included – strive to achieve each and every day on behalf of their clients. The mission: to create messages that make people not only think but feel.

Whether the message is delivered through a print ad, radio spot, text or social media – it is our goal to make the written and spoken word meaningful to all that read or hear it. It is not an easy task for sure but what goal is worth achieving if it comes easy.

As we wind 2013 down, the B Communications team wants to extend the happiest of holiday wishes to our clients and friends, as wishes one and all a happy and prosperous New Year!

Consistency Counts

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Consistency counts. It matters whether you are following a recipe, talking to your kids or explaining a project to a co-worker. Being consistent helps them all (teenagers maybe an exception!) stay on track and moving forward.

How consistent are you with your company’s communication efforts? Do you reach out to clients and prospects on a regular basis? Do you speak and write in a consistent voice? If you answered yes to these questions, congratulations – you’ve earned an extra trip to Starbucks for an afternoon beverage.

If the answer is no, then step back and see where you can improve. Some tips to help maintain the consistent delivery of your brand message include:

  • Set a schedule for your company’s social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) efforts – whether it’s daily, weekly or every other week – and stick to it.
  • Add fresh content to your website on a consistent basis. Change the pictures, add new links to related stories, introduce a video and include news stories covering current topics. Fresh content is king.
  • Try and write in a consistent voice and length – people like familiarity and brevity in today’s chaotic B2C and B2B communications world. Write in a voice that is informative but not preachy, and friendly but still professional.
  • Be consistent with the usage of your company’s logo and brand. You want people to know who you are and not have to guess if it’s you or a new company.
  • Be consistent with the fact that your company has the expertise, experience and resources to deliver exceptional products and services at a fair price and on time.

Finally, always wrap up your communication efforts with a simple thank you for the consideration or for their business. It may seem trivial but don’t discount the power of consistently being nice.

Until next time, thanks for reading.

Content Is King

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According to a recent Marketing Institute survey, nine out of ten organizations market with content. That content is featured on your website, Facebook page, Twitter profile, and in your newsletters and marketing collateral.

Is your content making the grade? Is it timely, topical and does it benefit your customers or answer their questions? And what makes good content? Every company has “buried treasure” within it walls when it comes to content. After all, you and your employees are experts in your chosen field and who better to tell your story than you.

The challenge with content is identifying what information is valuable and crafting it into a message to reach current and potential customers. There are many vehicles available to deliver your message but without solid content, it’s all just noise.

Think content first when it comes to your marketing efforts and you will be pleasantly surprised with the results.

Give B Communications a call and we can help boost your content to the next level.

Protecting Your Internet Integrity

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Have you thought about protecting your Internet integrity today? Probably not the first thing on your to-do list today.

What does protecting your Internet integrity mean? It means making sure the content you present on your website, in your company blog or in your social media posts, is not only accurate but reflects the core mission and values of your company.

It is not like you would knowingly post something to your website or Facebook page that would offend customers but how about your employees? How about your response to a customer complaint that was logged on Facebook or a customer review site like Angie’s List or Yelp?

Consider this – a recent survey conducted by SmartBrief on Social Media ( revealed that 70% of companies indicated they DO NOT have a formal training process for employees before they are allowed to blog, tweet or post content on behalf of the company. That is a lot of exposure and risk for your company to absorb.

What can you do to protect your Internet integrity? You can start by setting up some simple guidelines for you and your people to follow including:

  • Have a review process for content before it is posted or sent out. Make sure at least two sets of eyes see and approve the content.
  • If you are quoting or referencing content from another source, make sure you give credit where credit is due.
  • Write your draft and then step back and read it again. Does it reflect your company’s mission and core values?
  • When responding to a customer comment, remember, you are the professional. Stick to the facts and always respect the customer’s opinion, even if you find it upsetting.
  • Respond in a timely fashion and don’t enter into a long back and forth; go old school and take the conversation offline and pick up the phone and talk with the customer.
  • Use your expertise to your advantage. Demonstrate that you are the source that can help them with their problem.

Protecting your Internet integrity is an important task for any business that is growing their digital marketing presence and reaching larger numbers of customers. How you present your content and respond to customers on the Internet is a direct reflection on your business and can influence their buying decisions.

As the experienced carpenter always says, “Measure twice, cut once.” The same can be said of your social media activity — read twice, post once.

Until next time….Be Connected. Be Creative.

Falling Ahead To Better Communications

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As summer 2011 fades into fall, it should motivate small business owners to start thinking about 2012. What do you want to accomplish when it comes to your communications and marketing efforts? What role will social media play in your plans? Do you have a social media plan?

If the answer is yes, social media will take on a larger role in your plans, congratulations! You will be exposing your company’s products and services to a wider ramge of potential customers. And that can be good news for your bottom line. However, one piece of advice for those small businesses that will be ratcheting up their social media efforts in 2012 – plan accordingly.

A recent survey by revealed 56% of small business owners indicated social media took up more time than originally anticipated. Let’s face it, it is relatively easy and not overly time consuming to set up a facebook page, Linkedin page or Twitter account for your business. You could probably do all three in less than an hour. Then comes the hard part.

Once your social media accounts are set up – now what. It’s like building a new home and finishing off the landscape to make the outside of the house look picture-perfect and ready to be profiled in Better Homes & Gardens. But what about the inside? No furniture, no appliances, no personality, no energy.

The same can be said of your company’s digital and social media efforts. If you infrequently update your website content or facebook posts, you won’t be able to establish your company’s presence or personality. In turn, you won’t be able to attract customers who do extensive research on the Internet before ever picking up the phone or visiting a store to purchase something.

Making sure your company allocates the proper resources to consistently updating the content on your website and social media accounts is critical. What is the right amount of time and money? This will take a little trial and error to determine. If you are the company owner and are spending 10+ hours a week posting content or responding to posts on facebook, and not on sales, then you may have a problem. It is one thing to enjoy working with social media, it is another to do it to the detriment of your business.

Look internally to someone in your marketing department and see if they want to expand their responsbilities and gain valuable experience handling this for your company. If you do not have an internal solution, look outside to a free-lance or indepedent contractor. Give them a call and explain what you need. They will be happy to give you an estimate of what it will take to get the job done.

Remember, it will take an investment of time and money to get the job done correctly. There isn’t a free way to get this done. It will take man hours and/or dollars to make your social media efforts stand out.

If B Communications can give you a hand determining what is the best approach for your company, gives a call or write me an e-mail at We would be happy to talk with you.

Until next time….Be Connected. Be Creative.

Jeff Fenner, Partner, B Communications

The B Blog

Welcome to B Communications

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Thank you for visiting our web site today – we hope you found it informative and helpful. If we can assist you and your company with its integrated communications needs, we would be happy to do so.

As the methods businesses use to communicate with current and potential customers continue to evolve and expand, it is good to explore your options and not be afraid to try something new. If you have always done direct mail, try an e-mail effort. If you used the Yellow Pages, consider complementing that by creating a Facebook page.

We don’t recommend you clear the decks and start brand new but be open to new ideas that can improve your brand awareness. We will leave you with this thought. In a magazine interview, E. Gordon Gee, president of the The Ohio State University, was quoted saying, “If you don’t like change, you’re going to like irrelevance even less.”

Be Connected. Be Creative.

Jeff Fenner, Partner, B Communications